Time for a massage at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

Male Masseur

How to find the best massage institute in Barcelona? Search for affordability, dedication, quality and sustainability.

Summer is arriving in the city, together with the millions of travelers accompanying it. This creates that Barcelona will become a busy and crowded city, and the need for relaxation even larger. Which better way to to do so than by going for a massage? But where to go?


Check for prices that are affordable, but don’t go too cheap. For a decent massage in Barcelona, one where the staff is trained and dedicated to deliver a good job, you have to count for a fair price. At Under Pressure Massage I charge 38 euro per hour, which isn’t just a price per hour, it includes me paying my taxes, attending regular courses and training, using quality products, and so on.

Dedication and quality

Just like any other profession, giving a massage should be done by professionals which have experience and are trained in what they are doing. It’s part of the price you pay, but even more so it’s part of the good or bad experience you’ll have. Various places in the city give massages as a “side-dish”, which doesn’t reflect a true great experience. I do nothing but offering massages, have many years of experience and regularly attend necessary courses on improving my techniques. That’s a quality commitment.


When you go for a relaxation and wellness therapy, you don’t want to be treated with chemicals, right? It’s why at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona I only use organic massage oils. But that’s not where my sustainability actions stop. Even though I’m an independent and small business, I want to contribute to a better city. This by paying my fair share of taxes, by contributing to the sustainability movement of Barcelona, by offering only organic tea, by taking your calls with my Fairphone, by having my bank account at an ethical bank, etc. This way I give people the chance to have a massage in Barcelona that will give a good feeling which lasts.

Want to try it out? Send me a message or give me a call, I’m awaiting you! 🙂