Californian Massage in Barcelona

Organic oil massage

Californian Massage in Barcelona

What is a Californian Massage?

As you could imagine, the Californian Massage originates in California. It’s very similar to a Swedish Massage and is often referred to as a “Relaxing Massage”.

The massage is given as a full body massage, with long, soft movements. These are applied to your entire body with oils (in the case of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, these are always the highest quality, organic-certified oils). The parts of the body that aren’t treated are covered by towels.

I combine the long movements with a few other techniques to stretch your muscles, relax your body and pay attention to soreness/knots you might have.

What are the benefits of the Californian Massage?

Because of the graceful, long movements, body fluids are moved and it’s an ideal way to make your blood circulate. This is an important prevention of illnesses and an energetic boost.

Besides, thanks to this medium soft pressure massage turning you in an ultimately mellow, relaxed state, it’s important as a stress-reduction measure. Ideal when you work in the busy city that Barcelona is, or when you’re travelling and need a small break.

The massage can be given as a 1 hour session, 1h30 or 2h00, according to your wishes.