Californian Massage in Barcelona

Relaxing decoration item, Buddha statue at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

Under Pressure Massage Barcelona’s Californian massage is a soft, oiled massage of the entire body, given on a massage table, while your intimate areas are covered up with towels.

What makes a Californian massage special?

If you’re feeling overworked, jetlagged, stressed, tired and noticing a lack of kindness towards yourself, this is the massage you need.Affordable Massages in Barcelona

The Californian massage is a way to hit the stop button, to just enjoy being in your own skin. The symbolism of a Californian heat wave invites to travel into your own body, falling into a kind of meditation during the massage. After the massage, you’ll feel like walking on the clouds and will forget about all your worries.

What are the benefits of the Californian massage?

  • It is the break your mind needs;
  • It helps feeling good in your own body and helps to sleep better;
  • It helps to have more positive thoughts and to be in peace with yourself;
  • It helps to reset the mind, having more organised thoughts and ideas;
  • The skin is softer and moisturised;
  • The draining helps eliminating toxins out of the body which helps fighting fatigue.

Why you should come to Under Pressure Massage Barcelona for a Californian massage

  • Because you are in desperate need of a quality massage 🙂 ;
  • Because of all the benefits mentioned above;
  • Because I got fully trained at French and Thai massage schools and am experienced in giving Californian massages;
  • Because at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, I also focus on sustainability, such as using organic oils only.

If you want to book your Californian massage at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona online, you can do so easily via this link.MASSAGE BARCELONA Book NowSee you very soon!