Five ways to relax in Barcelona

Five ways to relax in Barcelona: from nature to dancing and massages

Whether you live in our cosmopolitan city or are visiting, chances are quite likely you’ll need some relaxing moments. Traffic, bustling city life and a wide variety of impressions do take their toll and make that our body and mind want to have some time off now and then. So that’s why we’re here. Offering you 5 ways to relax in Barcelona.

Head into nature


One of Barcelona’s main advantages is its relatively compact size, with nature always closeby. You can discover many world-renowned urban parks within the city, but could also go a little more out (which still means those places can be reached in 15 minutes by FGC-metro from Plaza Catalunya). One lovely place is the Carretera de les Aigües (see cover picture), a walk-way in Barcelona’s hills, offering splendid views on the city. If you’re up for discovering Collserola, the hills surrounding the city, one other easy way to do so is to head to Vallvidrera. Plenty of studies show that only few things have such a relaxing effect on us as nature, so it’s one perfect way to rewind.

Get a massage


We can’t deny, getting a massage is one of the best ways to relax in Barcelona. Massages have the capacity to take away soreness in our muscles and they give energy through the movement of blood within our veins. Yet it’s not only physical: the relaxed mood and “zen” feeling a massage creates, is an ideal way to allow our mind some rest. As you know, at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona I offer professional massages with quality products (you can find out more here).

Do a little dance, or watch some people dancing

Swing five ways to relax in Barcelona

Even if you’re not feeling very energetic, it’s almost impossible to feel down while dancing. Those that have danced before will most certainly have felt its empowering aspects. So give it a little push, and get your feet moving. There are plenty of dancing schools all around the city, there’s even Panteres Grogues, in case you prefer a same-sex dance partner.

If you’re really not up for dancing though, you could also check some other people dancing, an equally stimulating effect. In the Parc de la Ciutadella, as well as on other places in the city, such as Plaza de la Virreina in Gràcia, people gather on fixed moments  to dance swing, tango and other dances in the open air. The music and fun atmosphere will surely relax your mind.

Discover Barcelona’s beaches


As we all know, the wide never-ending views, the sounds of the water, the sand between our toes, the sea and beach do have a relaxing effect on our body and mind. Yet, Barcelona’s main beaches can get quite crowded, and lose their relaxing effect. So if you want to find some more tranquil beaches, here are some suggestions:

Within the center of Barcelona, towards Bogatell Beach it gets more quiet and local. Especially in the not-so-touristic season. For real tranquility, you should head a bit out of Barcelona though, which is easily done by public transport. Southwards, in the area of Sitges and Garraf you can find plenty of natural bays and beaches, whereas Northwards there are some really quiet beaches such as those of Sant Pol de Mar or Tossa de Mar. If you google some pictures of Cala Figuera, you’ll probably not be able to resist.

Enjoy some fine comfort food

El Enano Verde Vegan Eatery Seville

Get yourself surrounded with some people you like, put away that cellphone and head out to a quality restaurant in Barcelona. There are plenty of places in the city that focus on quality, local, slow food, made with care.

Besides all other before mentioned things to do to relax in Barcelona, such as nature, wellness, water and fun, food is one of the things that can make us the happiest, even more so if it’s quality food. Via this link, you can find a long list of quality restaurants, bars and cafés in Barcelona that focus on slow, organic and veggie food. Don’t forget to reserve some time for a siesta after 😉