Zero Waste – Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

The Zero Waste Objective of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

Since the start of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, I have been focusing on upcycling and reusing goods. Over the time, this has turned into a zero waste objective, one that is nearly reached.

It started with upcycling interior items. An old drawer became a bookshelf, a second hand table to store items, or a recuperated flower pot that became an umbrella-holder.

As to waste, from the start this has been minimal at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, and I still watch to bring it down to a zero waste level. Massage oils form the biggest part of my consumption, and as well the oils as the cleaning products I buy in bulk and in glass pots, such as from stores as El Safareig in Barcelona. When teas or water are offered, it will also be in a proper washable glass or cup. etc. Leftover oils will be turned into candles. I’m not at 100% yet in my zero waste objective, but it’s coming close.


Barcelona being a Mediterranean city should be extra touched by the plastic disaster in our seas and oceans. And even as a small business, I’m convinced that I can play my part in making sure to not pollute.

An extra incentive that could make more business-owners follow this road would be to reform the trash-collection-tax. We now pay a fixed price, regardless of the amount of trash we produce. Quite demotivating if you go for 0.