5 ways to relieve back pain

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Five ways to relieve back pain

Moving from the bed, to the couch, to the chair and back to bed. During this Covid-19 pandemia your back is having hard times. The regular stress that we all encounter during our lives (work, family life, social relations, ….) is getting an additional factor, being quarantined at home. This stress can lead to severe aches in your back. Did you notice them already?

Could the stress from the quarantine be causing the pain in your back?

First of all there is the effect of stress on our physics. Stress can settle itself on different levels of your body. Leading to some small aches, such as back pain. The amount of muscles under tension will grow, limiting your mobility and hence worsening. In severe cases leading to painful inflammations.
But there is also a mental aspect to the stress we experience. Being isolated at home could lead to a wide variety of emotions, including anxiety or depression in extreme cases. It does have an effect on your body. If we feel stressed about a situation, we’ll often maintain a bad posture, holding our muscles tensed day and night. If you want to recognize the position, it is also the posture we often keep when it’s cold.

So how can you avoid this back pain, or do some self-therapy to relieve the back aches you have?

1. Do some stretching or yoga exercises
The spine twist, the cobra posture, the cat-cow posture and kneeling lunges are all good exercises for the mobility of your lower back.
Whereas hanging on the door, closing your shoulder blades, is a great way of stretching the back as a whole.


2. Practice sports and exercise at home
There is a variety of exercises you can do at home. From push-ups to planks, or even the “superman” (yes, you are!), exercising helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and to lower the risk of aches. Don’t hesitate to ask the help of a personal trainer or yoga instructor to make sure you make the correct movements and to not get injured.

3. Make sure you have the proper bedware
What kind of pillow do you have? Having a pillow that suits your needs can be an important factor for a relaxed back. This also counts for the mattress that you sleep on. Even turning the mattress around at times can already be a significant help to relieve the back pain you have.


4. Pay attention to your position
You’re probably sitting much more often nowadays. Which makes it extra important to watch your posture. A common posture is to let our shoulders fall forwards when we’re sitting, leading to a constant stressing on our back muscles. This can lead to severe pain in the back.


5. Get a regular massage
Getting a sports or a hot stone massage that stretches your back is an ideal way to relieve aches and muscular tensions you might have. Whereas a relaxing massage is an important part of helping to cope with psychological pression and to have a peaceful sleep.

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Above all, stay positive. Under Pressure Massage Barcelona cannot wait for the state of alarm to finish, to open again and to help you with the back pain you might have 🙂

Do you have any additional tips on how to relieve back pain? Let me know!