A relaxing massage: key to full relaxation.

Best gay masseur un Barcelona posing in a park wearing a black tshirt and smiling

A relaxing massage: key to a full relaxation.

While we are all stressed, occupied and worried, there is a solution to give our brain a break. It’s a relaxing massage, and I will explain you in this article why.

Best gay masseur in Barcelona posing between the cactus wearing a white t-shirt.

The distress we receive in our daily lives is received as an aggression to our body. We protect ourselves against it by disconnecting from it, from our environment and sometimes even from our own body, as to not feel its weight.

A relaxing massage, be it Californian, Ayurvedic, hot stones or one specially designed for you helps to relieve the different tensions. Be it emotional, professional or physical tensions, as the massages work in different ways. To get a maximum of benefits, the masseur and receiver work together to work on the needs of the person itself, in order to reach the “let go” momentum and let the relaxation take over.

How does that work?

1. Through breathing. The receiver should make a few deep breaths at the start of the massage. Long breaths, slow and through the nose, as to find calmness and a relaxed rhythm for the massage.

2. Connecting body and mind. During the massage we can find back the control of our body, by thinking and following the movements of the masseur. This helps us to reconnect with our body by using our senses, from our ears till our fingers.

3. Getting to know our body. During the massage we can feel where it is pleasant to receive it, where it’s less so, and which movements are enjoyable. Getting to know our body and ourselves teaches how to enjoy senses on our body.

4. Being kind to ourselves. Getting a massage is a moment of quality time we dedicate to ourselves. An activity that we all deserve and need from time to time.


So if you feel that you are anxious, notice that your brain never hits the “stop” button, or you are just in need of a break and a present for yourself, come and get that relaxing massage. You can contact me via whatsapp (+34 675407 933) to search together which massage fits you best or book a session directly here:


See you very soon.