5 ways to relieve back pain

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Five ways to relieve back pain

Moving from the bed, to the couch, to the chair and back to bed. During this Covid-19 pandemia your back is having hard times. The regular stress that we all encounter during our lives (work, family life, social relations, ….) is getting an additional factor, being quarantined at home. This stress can lead to severe aches in your back. Did you notice them already?

Could the stress from the quarantine be causing the pain in your back?

First of all there is the effect of stress on our physics. Stress can settle itself on different levels of your body. Leading to some small aches, such as back pain. The amount of muscles under tension will grow, limiting your mobility and hence worsening. In severe cases leading to painful inflammations.
But there is also a mental aspect to the stress we experience. Being isolated at home could lead to a wide variety of emotions, including anxiety or depression in extreme cases. It does have an effect on your body. If we feel stressed about a situation, we’ll often maintain a bad posture, holding our muscles tensed day and night. If you want to recognize the position, it is also the posture we often keep when it’s cold.

So how can you avoid this back pain, or do some self-therapy to relieve the back aches you have?

1. Do some stretching or yoga exercises
The spine twist, the cobra posture, the cat-cow posture and kneeling lunges are all good exercises for the mobility of your lower back.
Whereas hanging on the door, closing your shoulder blades, is a great way of stretching the back as a whole.


2. Practice sports and exercise at home
There is a variety of exercises you can do at home. From push-ups to planks, or even the “superman” (yes, you are!), exercising helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and to lower the risk of aches. Don’t hesitate to ask the help of a personal trainer or yoga instructor to make sure you make the correct movements and to not get injured.

3. Make sure you have the proper bedware
What kind of pillow do you have? Having a pillow that suits your needs can be an important factor for a relaxed back. This also counts for the mattress that you sleep on. Even turning the mattress around at times can already be a significant help to relieve the back pain you have.


4. Pay attention to your position
You’re probably sitting much more often nowadays. Which makes it extra important to watch your posture. A common posture is to let our shoulders fall forwards when we’re sitting, leading to a constant stressing on our back muscles. This can lead to severe pain in the back.


5. Get a regular massage
Getting a sports or a hot stone massage that stretches your back is an ideal way to relieve aches and muscular tensions you might have. Whereas a relaxing massage is an important part of helping to cope with psychological pression and to have a peaceful sleep.

muscular back pain aches how to relieve massage at under pressure massage barcelona

Above all, stay positive. Under Pressure Massage Barcelona cannot wait for the state of alarm to finish, to open again and to help you with the back pain you might have 🙂

Do you have any additional tips on how to relieve back pain? Let me know!

Zero Waste – Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

The Zero Waste Objective of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

Since the start of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, I have been focusing on upcycling and reusing goods. Over the time, this has turned into a zero waste objective, one that is nearly reached.

It started with upcycling interior items. An old drawer became a bookshelf, a second hand table to store items, or a recuperated flower pot that became an umbrella-holder.

As to waste, from the start this has been minimal at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, and I still watch to bring it down to a zero waste level. Massage oils form the biggest part of my consumption, and as well the oils as the cleaning products I buy in bulk and in glass pots, such as from stores as El Safareig in Barcelona. When teas or water are offered, it will also be in a proper washable glass or cup. etc. Leftover oils will be turned into candles. I’m not at 100% yet in my zero waste objective, but it’s coming close.


Barcelona being a Mediterranean city should be extra touched by the plastic disaster in our seas and oceans. And even as a small business, I’m convinced that I can play my part in making sure to not pollute.

An extra incentive that could make more business-owners follow this road would be to reform the trash-collection-tax. We now pay a fixed price, regardless of the amount of trash we produce. Quite demotivating if you go for 0.

Five ways to relax in Barcelona

Five ways to relax in Barcelona: from nature to dancing and massages

Whether you live in our cosmopolitan city or are visiting, chances are quite likely you’ll need some relaxing moments. Traffic, bustling city life and a wide variety of impressions do take their toll and make that our body and mind want to have some time off now and then. So that’s why we’re here. Offering you 5 ways to relax in Barcelona.

Head into nature


One of Barcelona’s main advantages is its relatively compact size, with nature always closeby. You can discover many world-renowned urban parks within the city, but could also go a little more out (which still means those places can be reached in 15 minutes by FGC-metro from Plaza Catalunya). One lovely place is the Carretera de les Aigües (see cover picture), a walk-way in Barcelona’s hills, offering splendid views on the city. If you’re up for discovering Collserola, the hills surrounding the city, one other easy way to do so is to head to Vallvidrera. Plenty of studies show that only few things have such a relaxing effect on us as nature, so it’s one perfect way to rewind.

Get a massage


We can’t deny, getting a massage is one of the best ways to relax in Barcelona. Massages have the capacity to take away soreness in our muscles and they give energy through the movement of blood within our veins. Yet it’s not only physical: the relaxed mood and “zen” feeling a massage creates, is an ideal way to allow our mind some rest. As you know, at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona I offer professional massages with quality products (you can find out more here).

Do a little dance, or watch some people dancing

Swing five ways to relax in Barcelona

Even if you’re not feeling very energetic, it’s almost impossible to feel down while dancing. Those that have danced before will most certainly have felt its empowering aspects. So give it a little push, and get your feet moving. There are plenty of dancing schools all around the city, there’s even Panteres Grogues, in case you prefer a same-sex dance partner.

If you’re really not up for dancing though, you could also check some other people dancing, an equally stimulating effect. In the Parc de la Ciutadella, as well as on other places in the city, such as Plaza de la Virreina in Gràcia, people gather on fixed moments  to dance swing, tango and other dances in the open air. The music and fun atmosphere will surely relax your mind.

Discover Barcelona’s beaches


As we all know, the wide never-ending views, the sounds of the water, the sand between our toes, the sea and beach do have a relaxing effect on our body and mind. Yet, Barcelona’s main beaches can get quite crowded, and lose their relaxing effect. So if you want to find some more tranquil beaches, here are some suggestions:

Within the center of Barcelona, towards Bogatell Beach it gets more quiet and local. Especially in the not-so-touristic season. For real tranquility, you should head a bit out of Barcelona though, which is easily done by public transport. Southwards, in the area of Sitges and Garraf you can find plenty of natural bays and beaches, whereas Northwards there are some really quiet beaches such as those of Sant Pol de Mar or Tossa de Mar. If you google some pictures of Cala Figuera, you’ll probably not be able to resist.

Enjoy some fine comfort food

El Enano Verde Vegan Eatery Seville

Get yourself surrounded with some people you like, put away that cellphone and head out to a quality restaurant in Barcelona. There are plenty of places in the city that focus on quality, local, slow food, made with care.

Besides all other before mentioned things to do to relax in Barcelona, such as nature, wellness, water and fun, food is one of the things that can make us the happiest, even more so if it’s quality food. Via this link, you can find a long list of quality restaurants, bars and cafés in Barcelona that focus on slow, organic and veggie food. Don’t forget to reserve some time for a siesta after 😉



Couple’s – Dual Massage in Barcelona

Couple’s – Dual massage in Barcelona: enjoy an intimate relaxation with your partner, daughter, son or friend, at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

Even though I usually just work on my own, upon request I can host a couple for a dual massage. This is then given in the same room, on two different tables and by two masseurs. Both of you can enjoy the same intimate and relaxed atmosphere, a really special experience.

But what is that, a couple’s – dual massage?

You can enjoy a couple’s – dual massage with any person you like: a friend, daughter, son, mother, father, partner, … It’s a nice experience, and since you will enjoy the same relaxed atmosphere, an experience one can share. And as you know: happiness that one can share, counts for more than double.

You’ll be in the same, spacious room, though we can cater for your specific massage needs (for instance: one of you might need a stronger/softer massage, which we’re of course taking very much into account).

To reserve a couple’s – dual massage at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, please contact me via whatsapp (+34 675 407 933) or email (upmassagebcn@gmail.com), to check for availability. It’s definitely worth it, an experience that lasts. An hour of the couple’s – dual massage, by two qualified masseurs and all the regular benefits of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona (organic oils, quality, professionalism, …) comes at 100 euro.

4 hands massage in Barcelona

4 hands massage in Barcelona: for those times that you want to spoil yourself

Are you looking for something new to try?

Normally I work just by myself in my massage institute. But upon request, I work together with other talented and qualified masseurs in Barcelona, to offer a 4 hands massage.

But what is that, a 4 hands massage?

It’s all in a name: during the 4 hands massage we’re with two masseurs massaging you at the same time. It’s a play between synchronizing and working on different areas of your body, which gives a very unique sensation to the body and mind.

The 4 hands massage can be adapted to your needs, be it more deep tissue, or be it more relaxing. It’s an ideal way of getting a thorough relaxation, of spoiling yourself (or someone else, you can give it as a present).

To reserve a 4 hands massage at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, please contact me via whatsapp (+34 675 407 933) or email (upmassagebcn@gmail.com), to check for availability. It’s definitely worth it, an experience that lasts. An hour of 4 hands massage, by two qualified masseurs and all the regular benefits of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona (organic oils, quality, professionalism, …) comes at 100 euro.

Californian Massage in Barcelona

Organic oil massage

Californian Massage in Barcelona

What is a Californian Massage?

As you could imagine, the Californian Massage originates in California. It’s very similar to a Swedish Massage and is often referred to as a “Relaxing Massage”.

The massage is given as a full body massage, with long, soft movements. These are applied to your entire body with oils (in the case of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, these are always the highest quality, organic-certified oils). The parts of the body that aren’t treated are covered by towels.

I combine the long movements with a few other techniques to stretch your muscles, relax your body and pay attention to soreness/knots you might have.

What are the benefits of the Californian Massage?

Because of the graceful, long movements, body fluids are moved and it’s an ideal way to make your blood circulate. This is an important prevention of illnesses and an energetic boost.

Besides, thanks to this medium soft pressure massage turning you in an ultimately mellow, relaxed state, it’s important as a stress-reduction measure. Ideal when you work in the busy city that Barcelona is, or when you’re travelling and need a small break.

The massage can be given as a 1 hour session, 1h30 or 2h00, according to your wishes.


Sports Massage in Barcelona

Sports Massage at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

Are you a die-hard sports (wo)man or starting to train and in need of taking delicate care of your body? Than the sports massage of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona is what you need. With this massage, I focus on the tensed areas of your body. With a deep pressure, the aim is to release those tensed areas.

As each one of us knows, when you’re a beginning sports-man/woman, the little pains can be quite a hassle and impeding a further improvement of your trainings.

If you’re an advanced sports-man/woman, you’ll definitely want to take proper care of your body, of which you ask a lot.

With the sports massage, benefits are plenty. Not only does your body get the time and treatment to relax, the flexibility of your joints improves, and it also works preventive to have a lower risk of injuries.

So if you want to feel like Cristiano Ronaldo or Serena Williams, which receive this kind of treatment daily, then come and have a sports massage 🙂



Why I opened my massage parlor in Barcelona.

Why I opened my massage parlor in Barcelona

Born in Normandy, France, in 1985, it was at a young age that I started practicing massages. No coincidence, I have three sisters, who would let me practice day in day out 🙂 I got into the different techniques, and started truly enjoying to get to know what works, and what doesn’t. Moreover, it seems I’ve always had the strength of making people feel comfortable, at ease, a major necessity for a massage therapist.

Combined with my interest in the good things of life: good food, natural cosmetics, different kinds of teas, traveling and more, I started attending professional massage schools to further improve my techniques. In France, as well as in Thailand, where I did professional massage courses in Chiang Mai.

So choosing for my full time profession was easy, and I started working as a massage therapist in France years before I moved here. Basically, one could say it’s the love for giving massages and for sustainability that made me open my massage parlor.

But why a massage parlor in Barcelona?

museum-202300_640Barcelona isn’t the easiest city to work in. But it’s definitely one of the easiest cities to fall in love with. I love to walk its streets, to enjoy its relaxed pace, to have beautiful buildings and parks surrounding me anywhere.

And even most of all, Barcelona being one of the most international cities in Europe, this city gives me the chance of meeting people from around the world. It happens that I meet a Catalan, Chinese, French, German, Thai and American person all in one day. Which has really broadened my mind. Moreover, look at this article with local and authentic spots in Barcelona; aren’t there a million reasons to fall in love with this city?

So if you come to Barcelona, I’d love to share my adoration for massages and this city with you.




The benefits of a Thai Massage

What are the benefits of a traditional Thai Massage?

thai-massage-barcelonaIf you have been in Thailand, you will have noticed how deeply rooted the massage culture is over there. Massage parlours can be found on the corner of every street, and world-renowned schools and institutes transmit their knowledge on the traditional Thai Massage.

What is the difference between the Thai Massage and other massages?

One of the main differences is that the Thai Massage is not given on a massage table, but onthai-massage-benefits a special futon which is placed on the floor. Since oils aren’t applied to the body, the massage is given fully clothed.

The Thai Massage focuses on pressure. It takes a well-trained massage therapist to make sure this pressure isn’t just painful, but is used to release the tension in your muscles and to increase your flexibility. Different postures, stretching and pressure all form part of the Thai Massage, which is intensive to the therapist, but very rewarding for you.

What are the benefits of a Thai Massage?

  • Since Thai Massage focuses on pressure and energetic lines, it can be of great help in releasing your muscular and body tensions;
  • Because of the stretching of the entire body (from feet, to back to even fingers), it is well adequate for professional and intensive sporters;
  • The combination of Yoga postures and pressure, make it a nice add to a yoga session;
  • It increases general flexibility of your body;
  • The pressure and movements stimulate circulation in your body, combined with a relaxing experience.

Why you should come to Under Pressure Massage Barcelona for a Thai Massage

  • Because you are in desperate need of a quality massage 🙂 ;
  • Because of all the benefits mentioned above;
  • Because I got fully trained at Thai massage schools and am experienced in giving traditional Thai Massages;
  • Because at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, I also focus on sustainability. Therefore, the futon I use is handmade in Barcelona, using sustainable materials.

If you want to book your Thai Massage at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona online, you can do so easily via this link.


Time for a massage at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona

Male Masseur

How to find the best massage institute in Barcelona? Search for affordability, dedication, quality and sustainability.

Summer is arriving in the city, together with the millions of travelers accompanying it. This creates that Barcelona will become a busy and crowded city, and the need for relaxation even larger. Which better way to to do so than by going for a massage? But where to go?


Check for prices that are affordable, but don’t go too cheap. For a decent massage in Barcelona, one where the staff is trained and dedicated to deliver a good job, you have to count for a fair price. At Under Pressure Massage I charge 38 euro per hour, which isn’t just a price per hour, it includes me paying my taxes, attending regular courses and training, using quality products, and so on.

Dedication and quality

Just like any other profession, giving a massage should be done by professionals which have experience and are trained in what they are doing. It’s part of the price you pay, but even more so it’s part of the good or bad experience you’ll have. Various places in the city give massages as a “side-dish”, which doesn’t reflect a true great experience. I do nothing but offering massages, have many years of experience and regularly attend necessary courses on improving my techniques. That’s a quality commitment.


When you go for a relaxation and wellness therapy, you don’t want to be treated with chemicals, right? It’s why at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona I only use organic massage oils. But that’s not where my sustainability actions stop. Even though I’m an independent and small business, I want to contribute to a better city. This by paying my fair share of taxes, by contributing to the sustainability movement of Barcelona, by offering only organic tea, by taking your calls with my Fairphone, by having my bank account at an ethical bank, etc. This way I give people the chance to have a massage in Barcelona that will give a good feeling which lasts.

Want to try it out? Send me a message or give me a call, I’m awaiting you! 🙂