What is an Ayurvedic massage?

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The Ayurvedic massage of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona is given on a massage table, applied to the entire body, using warm oil.

The aim of the massage in its spiritual sense is to equilibrate the vital energy (Prana), in your different states of mind (the Doshas) and your chakras. Ayurveda means “knowledge of life and longevity”, aiming to be the key to a good health.

What makes the Ayurvedic massage special?

If you feel tired, out of energy and need a mental or physical break, this is the massage you need.

The massage is adapted to your specific needs, and is given in two steps:

  • The first part of the massage is given on dried skin, using scrubbing movements, rolling movements and percussions.
  • The second part of the massage, with warm oil applied on your skin, uses long and dynamic strokes from your feet to your hands. In this way eliminating the residual energy and reenergising your body. The kneading movements are provided following the energetic lines in your body, bringing you into a deep relaxation.

What are the benefits of an Ayurvedic massage?

  • Your body will feel purified and reloaded with good energy;
  • The energy circulates through your body, giving you a more balanced feeling;
  • The relaxation provided by the massage feels like a reset of your mind, fighting tiredness and improving the quality of your sleep;
  • The soft stretching provides flexibility to your joints;
  • The massage helps to move toxins out of the body;
  • The skin becomes softer and moisturized.

Why you should come to Under Pressure Massage Barcelona for an Ayurvedic massage

  • Because you are in desperate need of a quality massage 🙂 ;
  • Because of all the benefits mentioned above;
  • Because I got fully trained at French and Thai schools and am experienced in giving Ayurvedic massages;
  • Because at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, I also focus on sustainability. Therefore, the towels I use is handmade in Barcelona, using sustainable materials.

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