Under Pressure Massage Barcelona’s hot stone massage is given on a massage table, on the entire body, using oil and volcanic stones.

What makes a hot stone massage special?

Under Pressure Massage BarcelonaIf you’re feeling stressed or if you’re stressing your body practicing sports, the hot stone massage is the one you need. Especially if you want to get rid of soreness though not receiving a painful massage.

The polished volcanic stones are heated up in water and held in my hands to provide a smooth and warm massage on your skin.

You feel the stones providing their heat into your body, into the muscles and joints, feeling like you’re being massaged in a warm bath. You can feel the movements, gently relieving the tensions your body is carrying. If needed, some more pressure and attention can be provided to some specific areas to help reaching the tissues deeper and with less pain.

What are the benefits of the hot stone massage?

  • It is a great relief to stress, soreness, body aches and tensions;
  • It helps draining the toxins out of the body and fighting tiredness;
  • It helps to prepare muscles before a deep tissue massage, making it less painful.

Why you should come to Under Pressure Massage Barcelona for a Hot stone massage

  • Because you are in desperate need of a quality massage 🙂 ;
  • Because of all the benefits mentioned above;
  • Because I got fully trained at French and Thai massage schools and am experienced in giving hot stone massages;
  • Because at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona, I also focus on sustainability, such as using organic oils only.

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