Are you searching a massage institute in Barcelona that is affordable, professional, thinking of your specific needs and with a heart for the city and sustainability? Than Under Pressure Massage Barcelona is what you are looking for.

In 2015 I, Julien; a native French that moved to Barcelona, opened Under Pressure Massage Barcelona as Barcelona’s first fully sustainable massage-institute. I believe in the combination of quality, sustainability and professionalism. The institute is located in Ronda Universitat 7 in Barcelona, a small stroll away from Plaça Catalunya and metrostations Universitat and Catalunya. So very easy accessible from wherever in Barcelona you are located.

Under Pressure Massage Barcelona The Massage Institute

I’m committed to providing you high quality massages which are given by a masseur graduated in French and Thai massage schools, recognized for their quality of teaching. That way, I can assure you receive the best solution for the tensions you might have, and that you are taken care of in a professional manner.

Do you also feel that time is flying? Life goes fast these days. The hustle and bustle of city life asks a lot of people, as do work, social contacts, family, activities and others. I’m here to provide you with some real quality time that enlightens the daily chaos.

The environment is also under pressure, and to create a more sustainable world, everyone needs to do their part. So does Under Pressure Massage Barcelona as well. I pay special attention in choosing the oils. They are certified organic and first quality. So you do participate in building a more sustainable city and planet by choosing for UP.

Under Pressure Massage Barcelona Thai massage

I offer a large variety of massages with a wide variety of techniques, so that we can search for what fits you best, and is most adequate for your needs. You can find more information about the massages here.

I’m here for everyone. Whether you are a tourist that is enjoying a relaxing moment in Barcelona, a citizen of this bustling city, or someone that just needs a moment for him/her-self, you’ll find a massage that fits your needs in the services section. Feel free to email or whatsapp me for info, or book your appointment straight away via the “Book Now”-button. I speak French, Spanish and English, learning Catalan and Dutch. Whether you are a woman, a man, straight or lgbt, you’re welcome.

See you soon for your relaxing moment!


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