Under Pressure Massage Barcelona offers various massages from around the world: India, Thailand, North America, Europe… Relaxing, tonic, soft or deep tissue massage, you’ll find the one you need. Applying a range of different massage techniques, so that we can find the most adequate option for your specific needs.

The massages are available for the whole body or can be applied to desired areas (feet, back, legs, shoulders, head and face). I’m trained in giving massages, and only use organic oils. This is the quality-commitment of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona.

List of different massages:

Are you not sure what to choose? My Massages can be divided into three categories:

  • Relaxing Massage: soft and with medium pressure – a wellness experience
  • Deep Tissue Massage: harder pressure – ideal to release tensions
  • Thai, Hot Stone or Herbal Stamp Massage: specials – unique techniques

More specifically, you can choose between:

(soft pressure – / Medium pressure + / Strong pressure ++ / very strong pressure +++)
Californian Massage: Slow and warm massage with medium pressure. (-)
Ayurvedic Massage: Traditionally Indian massage, relaxing and adapted to your body and mind. (-/+)
Hot Stone Massage: Full body massage, using smooth stones for a deep relaxation. (+)
Herbal Stamp Massage: Massage using herbs which are warmed in oil or steam. (+)
Sports Massage: Deep pressure massage focused on tense areas. (++)
Soft Thaï Massage (Nuad Na Man) : Massage with thumbs and essential oils. (++)
Traditional Thaï Massage (Nuad Bo Ran): Renowned Thaï massage using pressure and stretching. (+++)

Extras: For a 4-hands massage or a dual/couple’s massage, please contact me via whatsapp/email to check for availability and prices.

Feel free to tell me what you need, and we can work out together what fits you best!


25 euro / 30 min
42 euro / 1 hour
60 euro  / 1h30