Do you also consider sustainability to be an important issue? Then you’re at the right address at Under Pressure Massage Barcelona.

Sustainability is a responsibility of everyone, including from me, as a small-scale entrepreneur. An issue you can support by choosing for Under Pressure Massage Barcelona.

I aim to contribute to sustainability by a variety of small, yet important actions.

  • A first one is to only use sustainable products, such as organic oils. These are not only better for your skin, they also save our environment. Oils that I use include organic coco-oil, organic argan oil and organic sesame-oil;
  • I make candles from recycled sources, obtained from “The Greatest Candle in the World”, a new project which promotes homemade candles since a huge amount of water is saved by doing so;
  • My bank account is at the sustainable Triodos bank;
  • The energy I use is 100% renewable, from a local, green cooperative;
  • For the interior I used a maximum of sustainable materials and recycling (or should I say upcycling) of items;
  • I even go for a 100% zero waste objective. Trying in different ways to bring the level of waste that I produce through my work to zero.

So you can rest assured, sustainability is not just an added extra for me, it’s the basis of my work. Besides, I love to give advises on nice, sustainable and local spots in Barcelona. So a bit of free travel advice, giving you a unique view on the city, is happily included.

Only if everyone does their bit, we and our environment go from Under Pressure to UP.