Sustainability is a responsability of everyone, including for Under Pressure Massage Barcelona.

The institute tries to achieve this by only using sustainable products, such as organic oils. These are not only better for the skin of the customers, they also save our environment. Oils that I use include organic coco-oil, organic argan oil (click to discover why argan oil is the sustainable friend of Under Pressure Massage Barcelona and a true hidden gem in cosmetics and sustainability) and organic almond-oil.

Candles I make from recycled sources, obtained from “The Greatest Candle in the World”, a new project which promotes the homemade candles since a huge amount of water is saved by doing so. My bank account is at the sustainable Triodos bank and for the interior I used a maximum of sustainable materials and recycling (or should I say upcycling) of items. I even go for a 100% zero waste objective.

Only if everyone does their bit, we and our environment go from Under Pressure to UP. All these issues: organic oils, recycling oil for candles, choosing an ethical bank and using sustainable materials in the interior are just mere choices, choices everyone can make. They not only give a better feeling (and are more healthy, like the organic oils), they also make sure our current lifestyle can continue for more years. For this, Under Pressure Massage Barcelona hopes to have set a trend when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable wellness. Let’s hope many are to follow! What about you?


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